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The Foundation is working towards the prevention of domestic violence, child abuse and human trafficking for a community free of violence through many awareness programs such as campaigns, symposiums and lectures, educational activities in schools and universities, lectures and workshops and media awareness through audio, visual, and print media.


  1. Child Protection Campaign
Child Protection Campaign

DFWAC organizes the child protection campaign under the slogan of "protect childhood, it's precious" annually in recognition of the importance of raising awareness about sexual assault and child abuse during the month of April. It aims to prevent the physical and emotional abuse of children by mobilizing adults, families and communities to take action to protect the children before they are harmed.

Conferences, forums, & seminars

  1. Human Trafficking forum
  2. Seminars

Every year we have different topics being discussed. We usually celebrate the international days by running an awareness seminar.

Training programs and workshops

  1. School programs



  1. 4-7 years old
    1. Good & Bad Touches
    2. Our world is our choice
    3. 8-12 years old
      1. You are a Princess
      2. You are a Hero
      3. High school
        1. My community rights
        2. How to protect yourself from Sexual Abuse
Training programs and workshops

ii. Parents

  1. Child abuse indicators & red flags.
  2. Domestic violence.
  3. Children's rights from social and psychological perspective.
  4. Other (upon request)

iii.Schools' Staff Members

  1. Children's rights from social and psychological perspective.
  2. Child abuse indicators & red flags.
  3. Other (upon request)

iv.School Social workers

Each year we provide a 2 days professional development training program for government schools social workers.

  1. Government and private entities
    1. Domestic violence.
    2. Child abuse indicators & red flags.
    3. Children's rights from social and psychological perspective.
    4. Human Trafficking
    5. Other (upon request)

Exhibitions & Stands

We participate in different exhibitions throughout the year. We participate in formal and informal exhibitions. It can be in either in hotels and exhibition centers or parks, malls, and other public areas.

  1. Media Awareness
    1. Publications

i. Children's booklet

ii. Child Abuse brochure

iii. Domestic Violence brochure

  1. Radio clips

We run different awareness radio clips throughout the day in Noor Dubai Radio Chanel.


Domestic violence is violence largely between family members and intimate partners, usually taking place at home and is defined as the use of force by one person to maintain power and control over the other. Most often, domestic violence occurs between intimate partners and not only includes physical violence, but also verbal and emotional abuse. Societal attitudes, beliefs, the abuser's personal history and desire to control his partner are the greatest contributing factors to domestic violence.

Domestic violence


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