Initiatives (campaigns, workshops and events)

  1. The Awareness and Community Service Department which handles communication, marketing, and raising community awareness about the human trafficking crime through social media channels, audiovisual media, participation in conferences and conducting workshops. It is also the department concerned with receiving local and international delegations wishing to exchange knowledge and experience with the Dubai Foundation for Women and Children in protecting and caring for victims of human trafficking.


  1. Groups most vulnerable to human trafficking:
    Within the framework of the great efforts made by the various authorities in the UAE to combat the crime of human trafficking, and in light of the great interest the leadership takes in this issue, DFWAC prepared an integrated awareness program titled " Raising the Awareness of the Most vulnerable groups to Human Trafficking" in 2015 and is still ongoing. This program was approved by the National Committee to Combat Human Trafficking with the aim of educating the most vulnerable groups of trafficking such as; women in beauty salons, waitresses in restaurants, workers in massage centers, and domestic workers to familiarize them with the crime of human trafficking, its types, methods of protection and prevention and in cooperation with various governmental and non- governmental agencies. More than ten awareness leaflets were prepared in several languages, and the number of leaflets that were distributed since the launch of the campaign until the end of 2021 reached nearly 150,000.

  2. DFWAC won Chaillot Prize in 2019
    Dubai Foundation for Women and Children received the Chaillot Prize in 2019 for the “Awareness Program for the Most Vulnerable Groups to Human Trafficking” and for enhancing human rights in the GCC.

Campaigns and Forums:

  1. Violence Against Women Campaign
    The campaign runs annually in November in line with the global agenda of the United Nations’ "International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women", which is known as the Orange Day. An annual campaign is carried out to raise awareness on how to reduce violence against women and how to report any violations they are exposed to by broadcasting awareness videos, educational infographics, talks and workshops. The first campaign was launched in 2015 and was followed by several campaigns that were well received by community members and decision makers. The campaign highlights different topics each year, tackling different types of abuse, and highlights the importance of a woman’s well-being and mental health.

  2. Annual Media Campaign to Combat Human Trafficking
    The media campaign coincides annually with the International Day against Human Trafficking on the 30th of July. The Foundation's campaign this year focused on the issue of child exploitation, especially sexual exploitation and forced labor in the labor market. The Foundation participated in raising awareness by publishing three awareness videos that reflect the scale of this exploitation globally and its consequences on children.

  3. Justice and Women's Issues Forum “For Justice"
    In December 2021, the Foundation organized the Forum on Justice and Women's Issues with the participation of a number of experts and specialists in the legal, social and security fields with the aim of reflecting the reality of women's issues in Dubai Courts, understanding the progress of justice in various women's cases, and discussing ways to expedite the resolution of these cases. The forum came up with a number of recommendations, the most important one is to reduce procedures and dates of attendance by activating the role of the judge of urgent and temporary matters and activating the one-day court.


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