Care and Rehabilitation Services Provided to Victims

The Department of Care and Rehabilitation at the Dubai Foundation for Women and Children (DFWAC) is the department concerned with providing services to victims of human trafficking, it has specialized sections such as social services, psychological services, housing, and a call center that manages the institution’s hotline, which works around the clock to receive reports. The service providers hold degrees in the psychological, social and administrative fields, they hold academic qualifications such as doctorates, masters, bachelors and diplomas. They are trained and have adequate knowledge about human trafficking in terms of the elements, types, methods of traffickers, the characteristics of victims, the effects of exploitation, how to deal with victims and their rehabilitation.

DFWAC provides legal services to support cases and directs them towards proper communication with the legal and judicial authorities in the country, while introducing them to their legal rights and guiding them through legal procedures such as filing lawsuits and reports. Contracts were signed with law firms to help victims file cases in court and be represented legally by lawyers to plead and follow up on their cases.

The foundation developed an initiative to grant victims financial support upon departure by providing travel tickets allowing them to return to their homeland, in addition to providing in-kind financial support upon travel.

Main Initiatives:

Animal Assisted Psychotherapy (AAP):
The foundation launched a new and unique approach incorporating animals into the psychotherapy process. It can replace or even complement the traditional psychotherapy sessions. It works on improving victims’ social performance, psychological and adaptive functioning especially after going through major trauma or negative experiences of violence and abuse. This method has proven to help in improving the victim’s emotional well-being.

Empowerment Programs:
The initiative contributes to the rehabilitation of victims of violence, women and children, so that they can acquire the strength and skills necessary to regain control over the course of their lives. The initiative includes many projects aimed at empowering them at a professional, educational and economic level.

Projects under the Empowerment Program:

  1. Vocational Training Project
  2. Crafts Training Project
  3. Life Skills Project


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